Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 16

Following the instructions from the letter on the front of "The Kit," I plastered the fliers on every 2nd Avenue surface I could between 4th and 8th Streets-- I wanted to make sure I had all the bases covered.

The epicenter of it all? 2nd Avenue and 6th Street:

But like Lay's potato chips, "you can't just have one...."

Obviously the longevity of this particular flier's lifespan was in question, but ol' yellow had to take one for the team in that this one was one of the only "stand alone" fliers- come on people, this is New York City... people poster and sticker anything that is stationary. Any poor brick-and-mortar surface is subject for this type of soap box showcase. Seriously, take a minute... read some of these musings (it can be quite A-musing): from missing birds and chameleons to your sweet rock band's show that promises to "melt your face off" (Um, not that I am that vain, but a melted face? NEVER a good look). And of course, who can forget our painstaking search for Miguel.

Here are the rest of the pictures of random spots I posted... Did YOU see any of them?!

*Oh, and CLEARLY I am NOT a photographer.

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