Tuesday, February 23, 2010

day 20

The search continues:

I even went into a few Bodegas to ask if A.) they knew anyone named Miguel (Yeah, that was met with the exact response/look you would imagine... pegging me as a stalker who's sanity ran away screaming years ago) and B.) if they would let me leave a flier or two inside (once again, some mixed responses but things were looking pretty bleak on the bodega front).

The first couple bodegas I went into looked at me with little empathy. To them, I say, "Thanks for NOTHING!"

And to the people that actually believed me when I told them they were going to be a "part of something big, like maybe movie BIG," I say, "I appreciate you patronizing my crazy scheme." Oh, wait... you actually thought there was a movie deal in the works?

Watch yo' back Avatar
and I'd sleep with one eye open...

Yeah, that one.

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